Thursday, 22 December 2016

About me (I)

My Name        

Well...My name is Saw Yadira
I know...It's a very weird but unique name.
You can call me by my name~~Yadira (ya-di-ra)
Or if you are lazy or find my name difficult to call you can call me~~Didi (di-di)
My hobbies:    
                                                Listening to music
                                                Playing games(more specifically on the computer

                                                Just being somewhere high up where u can see everything
                                                     (ie.Roller Coasters)

                                                      Reading books     

Sports I enjoy doing?    

I used to go inline-skating          
                                 &            which is really fun   !!   
And the sports they teach in schools like soccer, basketball, rugby, floorball and etc. 
My PErsOnALiTy?

I Am nOt ReALly SuRe...

U can be the judge when u get to know me:p

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